Saturday, September 27, 2008

CATEGORIES - please designate your entries as belonging to one or more of the following categories

-Enabling Constraints - ways of setting the initial conditions for a coming event. They lay down operative parameters designed to open an arena of thought/action without pre-deciding the outcome. They are catalytic ratehr than containing. They are designed to be generative in their effect, not prescriptive. If they take the form of a rule-set, it is in order to structure an improvisation.

-Platforms for Relation - a material set-up of technical assemblage inviting a certain kind of participation (ie, around sound, or movement, or audiovision, or text, or verbalization, or more than one of these in an interactive system, responsive environment, institutional context or urban setting). A platform for relation provudes a processual site for the taking place of a participation. It builds in an implicit or explicit set of enabling constraints, such that the event in the making will embody a specific region of emergent potential. It orients, setting creative tendencies in place.

-Techniques of Relation - immaterial devices (strategies of tactics) for: activating enabling constraints; dynamizing platforms for relation; transitioning from one platform or  set of enabling constraints to another; or synergetically combining them. A technique for relation may strategize: how to ease participants whose practice is text-based into a movement activity, or the reverse; how to move eventfully and generatively from a small group  activity to a large-group setting, and vice-versa; how to couple multi-sensory or practice-based activity with a language-centered or conceptual activity in such a way as to place them in mutually enriching processual continuity with each other; how to fold remote participation into a local event, or fan out a local event into a distributive networking.

- Problematics - a conceptual construction or critical evaluation of collective creative practices from the point of view of: their conditions of possibility; their practices consequences; their ethical, aesthetic or political organizing force; their historical embeddedness and limitations, or against these, their powers of indetermination.

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Nicola said...

Dear Erin, The categories you have requested people use to designate their entries, illuminate an event (a protest) that I have spent many years researching as part of my PhD - trying to thread through my intepretation Guattari's ethico-aesthetic way of thinking.
Have these categories emerged from your work in the senselab? Could you give a little bit of background or direct me towards the precise nature of work that initiated this thinking. It's wonderful.