Saturday, September 27, 2008

How to disappear completely? The advertisment

How to disappear completely ?
A Collective Listening of Radiohead’s Album “Kid A” through which you will become-imperceptible

“What appears is good; what is good appears.”
Guy Debord, The society of the spectacle.

“I am what I am”. For most of us, the new Reebok slogan sounds like the expression of absolute freedom. In this view, corporate promotion of freedom doesn’t seem like a bad thing at all. But the real meaning of this injunction is to be found elsewhere. Display yourself. Everyday. All the time. Like everybody else. In the era of the triumph of global capitalism, if you don’t display yourself, you don’t exist. Cultural intoxication by means of over-exposition.

In such a world, there is nowhere to escape. But there might be an emergency exit after all. Becoming-imperceptible. Like the traditional Chinese painter-poet. Or like our little friend … Kid A.

This mind lab is intended to develop new perspectives on the mutations of identity and of being-together occurring in today’s China. By the end of the mind lab, participants should experience a reinforcement of their mental immune system, as well as an indescribable yet comforting feeling of community.

Warning: some participants might experiment a strong feeling of despair.

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